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Call to the California State Auditor, joke time on all of us

Listen to why you have no action on criminal actions by law enforcement as those who are supposed to monitor them do nothing while telling us they are real and active.  Nothing like this happens in reality.  Now I send it in by Certified Mail.  I will not risk my life by going in there.

Russia and their 6th generation weapons systems, Wake Up

If you want to see the Mach 5 sea skimmers which Russia and China have and the U.S. does not watch.  Then want to see the Mach 20 weapons watch and think "What makes Amerikkka think they are superior?"  

We are exceptionally stupid, arrogan, corrupt, and an Empire Builder with China.

Russia is the only Empire in the history of man to give up its Empire before the Empire destroyed it.  We do not learn.  In fact Clinton in 1992 broke the deal with Russia on troops in the Eastern Block and elections.

Russian view on the Thresher and submarine warfare

Watch the real story on the death of 129 in the Thresher with 3 subs going down in 5 years.  They the Russians telling of 7 of their subs going down including the one we sent the Glomar Explorer.  I knew people who at the time worked on the Glomar Explorer and many other National Security Projects including myself on many including Illegal National Security Projects Congress passed laws preventing them and "WHO CARES ABOUT THE LAW I WANT WHAT I WANT."  This is the way of Amerikkka, not America.

Russian T-50 Stealth Fighter, and Mach 5 Sea Skimmers

If you think we are the only ones who build military equipment worth anything wake up and watch these videos and more I am going to load including documents and stories I read that those who are top in the world in National Security.  I watch the webinars and learn plus respond internationally.

Call to Div. 95, mental court, no one home and incompetent

I am supposed to be in Division 95 for an Incompetence hearing.  Multiple times when calling Division 95 clerks office there is no way to contact the judge and they treat people sociopathically.  They do not know of my case for two weeks now.  You have no obligation to go to a court if they do not know who you are now do you.  This is total corruption that has not stopped since 1988 and SBX-211 this judge is guilty of taking the illegal payments for from the Counties as lost in the SBX-211 case.

Chief Beck, LAPD, letter denying their Felonies

It only took two years for the psychological warfare I know from experience with guru's and others over the years to take effect only after the heat they have felt over not being able to destroy me for years now with fake perjured multiple cases on this website.

Read how he says they did nothing erasing the audio which is a Felony.  Then he admits they did not allow my phone calls and this is OK when against Supreme Court Decisions.  It is OK to have LAUSD commit perjury to get away with their crimes as noted in case $ 8CJ07937 when the officers do not know what time is real.  Does anyone follow the law in lawless "NAZI FASCIST AMERIKKKA?"  Why do you think I make this statement?

Just Read This Trash Insanity

LAPD, Chief Beck, denial, 5-16-18, 1abc1 (pdf)


Me calling Judge Harrision's clerk, no one there, 5-23-18

Check out this great video.  What a joke these losers are.  The clerks are not only sociopaths they way they handle people, they do not care with your total life on the line not just your body.  They laugh in his video at what they can do to you and nothing a person can do with their violence in there I felt at Cedars-Sinai not even in a lockup facility.

You Fools have to kill me to stop me from exposing your criminality and sociopathy.  We will fix this mess and have a better world.  To jail.

L.A. BOS, Homeless and me, Victor and his uncle, corruption

Just listen to the total corruption being exposed and they do not care at all.  Listen to the 67 year old lady who is homeless and no one cares while she helps to prevent violence and illegally eliminating Liemert Park which is nationally famous.  I have video I am looking for on all saying when the MTA line was put in at Liemert Park saying it will always be there.  As usual they lie and people let them get away with it.

It is time to end the lies and corruption.

Mental Health and their filth they allow commonly to all

Listen to Supervisor Hilda Solis laugh when I am talking about being a witness to two murders in the L.A. Twin Towers.

One is a case in which he had to kill a major gang leader or his family is killed.  He killed the man and knows he is dead within two months if that.

The investigators would not take the evicence, the gun and DNA.  He wanted someone to know and as usual they tell me as this is what has happened both times in the jail.  I teach law and their cases change including 187's, Homicide. 

Me and others at the L.A. BOS on 5-23-18

Listen to what everyone says including especially this first lady with very important subjects to be addressed.  Then listen to me and "Big Money"

Public Speakers on the homeless at the L.A. BOS

If you want to know more about homelessness listen to all the speakers.  Even Ted Hayes has come back and soon we should be getting together to educate the homeless in law and budgets so they can have a lot to say about what happens to them as they know more than anyone.

The crooks Multi Prong Approach to wasting money at 5-1 plus

The idiots running the homebless $2 billion plus the states $5 billion for 170,000 homeless which equals $41,000+/homeless person.

They stated that for the last 6 years and $1.3 billion made 3,382 affordable units for $505,000 each.  Habitat for Humanity builds for $125,000 each according to Janice Hahn.  My research shows at tops it is $86,000/unit less property acquisition.

Building for $86,000 = 6X more units.  Instead of 3,362 housed it could be 20,000 housed or 1/3 of all on the streets.

Gene Krischer not caring if I die

This is one of the saddest things of my life.  A person I saved has told me to die when I have saved him and his house multiple times over 14 years and now with no health care for 5 years and seriously dying from dramatic blood pressure and sugar changes.  If I do not get health care and stop these illegal prosecutions I am a dead man so who gives a fuck about sociopaths.  Time to expose people for who they are.

4EA06931 trial transcripts, Holmquist, general counsel LAUSD

Listen to the General Counsel of LAUSD say I am not dangerous and then say I threatened him in court.  The judge throws it out and now the idiots want to bring it back.  Also watch me at the L.A. BOS on 5-15-15 and tell me if I should be in a State Mental Hospital for protection.  They are afraid of the crimes I have them with.

transcript, trial, opening page with dates, #1 (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #1, Holmquist called (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #2, general counsel (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #3, iPads, 2012 (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #4, iPads (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #5, outspoken (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #6, iPads (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #7, calmer Buzzetti (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #8, 11-5-13, criminal operating (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, #9, 12-17-13 (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, cross, concerned citizen, #17 (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, cross, criminal school board, #18 (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, cross, entertainment, #15 (jpg)


trial transcript, Holmquist, cross, lunch, #19 (jpg)



trial transcripts, Holmquist, #6, criminal, unethical, immoral (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, #7, criminal school board, iPads (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, #11, iPads (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, #12 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, cross, #13, does not sound like me (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, cross, corrupt organization, #14 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, cross, criminal school board, lunch, #17 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, cross, fools, #15 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, cross, iPads, #16 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Holmquist, cross, not intimidated (jpg)


4EA06931 transcripts, Perez

Talk about perjury and lying here it is.

trial transcript, Perez, #1, indirect threat to Holmquist (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, #3, Galatzan protective order, OK to go to board meetings, Davis (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, #5, under penalty of perjury (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, #6, fall, 2013 iPads (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, #7, concerned citizen (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, background, #5 (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, criminal school board, #9 (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, defend the criminals, #13 (jpg)


trial transcript, Perez, Galatzan to jail, #9 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Perez, #10, three voicemails (jpg)


trial transcripts, Perez, intimidation, #12 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Perez, iPads, #8 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Perez, they are breaking the law buying iPads, #13 (jpg)


trial transcripts, Perez, you are stepping into dangerous waters, #11 (jpg)


About Us: George Buzzetti, civil rights internationally

Who we are and what we do for Civil Rights

George Buzzetti has 45 years of continuous civil and human rights formerly as the Chairman of AAEE and Director of Policy for CORE-CA.  CORE-CA, led by the 4 Celes Kings had 117 years of  continuous civil and human rights with never taking outside money.

Celes King IV was going to be lynched in 1898 in Mississippi for organizing.  He and his friends excaped and the rest is history in civil rights.

Celes King III was one of the most famous Tuskeegee Airmen, an Army Air Force General, an advisor to three presidents of the U.S., founder of the Bail Bond Associations of California and the U.S., founder of CORE-CA, and his wife was from one of the founding families of L.A. the Lugos.  She was also for 8 years the U.S. United Nations representative for women worldwide.  This is unmatched provenance.  Celes King IV was purposefully allowed to die from heart problems on the operating table.  His doctors knew for years he needed a heart operation.  This was to purposefully eliminate "Real Civil Rights" that cannot be perverted as were the only civil rights organization who never took outside money and I never will.   Celes King IV and I met 8 years before he died in 2014 suddenly from lack of health care as both of us suffered from as Elders at 70.  We worked with former Sheriff Baca on legislation to fix the criminal justice system.  You will be able to read all the letters we produced in support of legislation go make this system more humane and fair such as education in the jails now eliminated as I saw inside as a civil rights leader who shut down the new jail program only to see the destruction of our work when incarcerated.  Celes King IV told me I needed to be in jail to have empathy for 

I am going to finance civil rights through businesses as the Kings did and through the lawsuits against agencies and individuals who purposefully took away my civil rights and tried to also kill me.  I have been put into jail multiple times, tied down aat Cedars-Sinai illegally, been prosecuted with Double Jeopardy, no Exculpatory Evidence, an Illegal Prosectuor, no Speedy Trial Rules, and finally after illegal arrests two times purposefully refused by Constitutional rights to three completed phone calls within three hours.

This is going to stop or they have to kill me.  So far, they are total failures.  


Differnent areas of corruption and how you can help for free


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2003 DOJ Agreement%2c cops-p164-pub (1) (pdf)


2011 City AttorneyfINAL (1) (pdf)



Here is my Public Information Request (PIR) to the LADA concerning my case and thousands of other misdemeanor cases charged in the City of L.A. being both illegally charged with no basis and illegally prosecuted by the LADA which is illegal since 1915 and Section 271 of the current L.A. City Charter passed in 2009 on this site to consider.

PIR, LADA, 5-12-17 (odt)