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About Us: George Buzzetti, civil rights internationally

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George Buzzetti has 45 years of continuous civil and human rights formerly as the Chairman of AAEE and Director of Policy for CORE-CA.  CORE-CA, led by the 4 Celes Kings had 117 years of  continuous civil and human rights with never taking outside money.

Celes King IV was going to be lynched in 1898 in Mississippi for organizing.  He and his friends excaped and the rest is history in civil rights.

Celes King III was one of the most famous Tuskeegee Airmen, an Army Air Force General, an advisor to three presidents of the U.S., founder of the Bail Bond Associations of California and the U.S., founder of CORE-CA, and his wife was from one of the founding families of L.A. the Lugos.  She was also for 8 years the U.S. United Nations representative for women worldwide.  This is unmatched provenance.  Celes King IV was purposefully allowed to die from heart problems on the operating table.  His doctors knew for years he needed a heart operation.  This was to purposefully eliminate "Real Civil Rights" that cannot be perverted as were the only civil rights organization who never took outside money and I never will.   Celes King IV and I met 8 years before he died in 2014 suddenly from lack of health care as both of us suffered from as Elders at 70.  We worked with former Sheriff Baca on legislation to fix the criminal justice system.  You will be able to read all the letters we produced in support of legislation go make this system more humane and fair such as education in the jails now eliminated as I saw inside as a civil rights leader who shut down the new jail program only to see the destruction of our work when incarcerated.  Celes King IV told me I needed to be in jail to have empathy for 

I am going to finance civil rights through businesses as the Kings did and through the lawsuits against agencies and individuals who purposefully took away my civil rights and tried to also kill me.  I have been put into jail multiple times, tied down aat Cedars-Sinai illegally, been prosecuted with Double Jeopardy, no Exculpatory Evidence, an Illegal Prosectuor, no Speedy Trial Rules, and finally after illegal arrests two times purposefully refused by Constitutional rights to three completed phone calls within three hours.

This is going to stop or they have to kill me.  So far, they are total failures.  


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2003 DOJ Agreement%2c cops-p164-pub (1) (pdf)


2011 City AttorneyfINAL (1) (pdf)



Here is my Public Information Request (PIR) to the LADA concerning my case and thousands of other misdemeanor cases charged in the City of L.A. being both illegally charged with no basis and illegally prosecuted by the LADA which is illegal since 1915 and Section 271 of the current L.A. City Charter passed in 2009 on this site to consider.

PIR, LADA, 5-12-17 (odt)