2003 DOJ Agreement, LAPD

As a result of no one following the 2001 DOJ Agreement on "Internal Affiars", eminating from the "Ramparts Scandal, the DOJ wrote an "International Agreement" on "Internal Affairs" called "Cooperative Agreement Number 2003-HS-WX-K040."

To this date no one has followed this important Department of Justice Agreement with the resultant 35,000 deaths by police of those in custody and unarmed on the street.

The DOJ Bureau of Statistics just released these statistics, 1,900/year since 2003.  The Guardian did a stupendous job finding 1,100 deaths/year.

In 2000 Congress passed a law to collect those statistics.  However, no one did until 2014.  The policy to give these numbers to the DOJ is even in the LADA documents.

Files coming soon.