International Webinar on Biometrics

Here is the proof of the criminality of the LADA, LAPD, Superior Courts, L.A. City Attorney, L.A. Public Defenders, and the Appeals Courts so far.

The LADA, who is illegally prosecuting my three perjured charges from Tamar Galatzan and LAUSD, states with their former FBI witnesses, under Penalty of Perjury signed, that there is no such thing as electronic voice analysis when it has been used by banks since about 1990.  How do they not know this?  Because they are the Actual Felons.

Biometrics such as electronic voice analysis

L.A. County Law Enforcement states there is no such thing as Electronic Voice Analysis and by equal treatment Biometrics does not exist.  Jihidi John was only identified by the same tools used to ID my and the actual caller in my criminal cases going on for 4 years with "Double Jeopardy", no "Exculpatory Evidence", an "Illegal Prosecutor", no "Speedy Trial Laws and Rules followed", and finally after multiple arrests with perjured testimony purposefully refused my Constitutionally and Supreme Court Decision protected absolutely 3 completed phone calls within 3 hours.  For me it was 3-5 days and never with my ID or PIN number only other inmates who could not believe what they were watching.

Files coming soon.