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call to Sheila Kuehl's Office, 7-16-18

Listen to what I say and what they do not do.  Now the question is will they finally follow the law.  If so, they go to jail.  Are we Nazi Fascist Amerikkka is my only question.  I want America again.

Call to the L.A. County Criminal Grand Jury, another joke

Another video of another corrupt organization.  No one follows the law or apparently cares anymore.  When I point this out I am arrested and/or put into the State Mental Hospital, tied down, forced to take dangerous drugs, and told by a judge recently "I can put you there for the rest of your life.  Do you understand?"  How would you like this shit from crooked attorney's, prosecutors, judges, and appeals judges.  This is Nazi Fascist Amerikkka.  No Bullshit here.

Typical "Lawless Politicians", listen to the phone calls

No matter how many times over the last 5 years I have tried to have anyone, especially politicians who pass laws saying I love you, I love schools, I love good law enforcement have to back this up they fail.

Just listen to these calls and then read what I am loading up to as to the 31 page letter I sent to this person who is her staff.  Staff represents the true politician.  I an 70 and have had no health care now for 5 years.  I have had enough of this.  I use the law only.