DOJ Submission, #1

Contained are documents submitted to the DOJ many months ago.  I am only showing these now as my life is in danger as a result of dramatic corruption of the Superior Court System, L.A. City Attorney, LADA, LAPD, LAUSD, and former California A.G. Kamala Harris as they are the responsible parties for the corruption on me and many others and are those responsible directly with Constitutional and Fiduciary Duties specifically on corruption and law breaking by law enforcement.  This is such as the video of Chief Beck of the LAPD and the Police Commission erasing the audio you can see at at minute 23:10 in both the Real and Fake Audios of the 5-5-15 LAPD Police Commission Meeting.  Look at the evidence and soon the latest fraud by the BOS, Judge Longoria, Thomas Althaus, and the illegally prosecuting LADA.  All are presently on their way to the California State Bar and Judiciary Performance Commission.  They are now on their way to many agencies with oversight.


Files coming soon.