Judge Harrison at Nami's LPS Mentoring Meeting, Mar. 10, 10

Listen to what a mess I am going into Friday, 5-25-15.  This is the judge talking about the corruption in the psyche court and stupidity of the Mental Health System as if I do not know from 45 years of civil rights work and the work on the RTI that no one but me did as I am so incompetent and unable to understand my case.  Yet, in the hall with 6 sheriff's on me last time my stupid attorney, Sara Entenazi, one year out of law school and now on her way to prison, had to be taught evidence law.

Judge Harrison, Division 95

Listening to this scares the hell out of me for myself and so many others who have no chance against the system.  If I am having these problems for 5 years with my skills and having worked with Sheriff Baca and Celes King IV for 6 years to fix the jails and AB 109, a travesty of criminal justice and certainly realignment to hell for society in this lawless country of trash and deplorables.

I thank the #MeTooMoms, the Parkland Students, the gooc police and sheriffs, but not those in fear, enough.

The Fight to be a Judge, Totally Insane for little money

Read this and think "Why would a successful attorney become a judge?"

It can't be for money as this is trash pay for a real attorney.  $180,000/year is starting pay for a real attorney just out of a proper law school.

So why would anyone do this if not for power and/or the connection for your buds?  This is the usual answer by the corruption I have found.  Just look at the rest of my site and ask the question "What is George Buzzetti doing in that court for Incompetence and Infirmity?"

Then listen to the calls to the courts and such and no one knows who I am and at the OIG they do not know a thing and had broken the law on time for the receipt for a complaint for over 3 years and this is Huntsman, OIG for the county of L.A. assisting in crimes by the LADA, L.A. Public Defenders Office, and Superior Courts along with the entire Board of Supervisors as they have no more "DENIABILITY" as they are in receipt of the information for years by email and in their face at the BOS like tomorrow 5-22-18.  If they put me into the jail for Incompetence it is up to all of you to make them pay with Federal "Color of Authority" which means LIFE IN PRISON OR THE DEATH PENALTY.

I am risking my life now for everyone.  This must be stopped not only for me but society.

I should never be in that court as the court is recorded not knowing of my  case except for 3 years ago when Esther Chamorro tried two times as my attorney to send me to the State Mental Hospital for "Long Term Rehabilitation."  Listen to what this means.  I am 98th percentile math and science and have eliminated, with Celes King IV as CORE-CA, the former L.A. Office of Public Safety (OPS) at the request of the officers of OPS who are now LAPD as they asked us to do at the L.A. City Council.

Judge, Robert Harrison, fight to be judge, 2003 (doc)