L.A. BOS, arts, 5-15-18

This is a very important issue for more than just L.A.  Arts is most important for the very young to connect the two hemispheres of the brain for better brain function and thinking.  Next is the importance in criminal justice.  Later I am going to scan the material from the California Assembly Special Hearing at the Rock and Roll Museum where those who have done this work were with former inmates with super serious crimes whose lives were changed from violence by art.  We need art.  I am at :45

Mental Health and Homeless

You must watch this and you will cry at the actual stories from the real people involved in the problem and sociopathy of this stupid corrupt society who admires the most money and to hell with ethics and morals and I do not mean religious morals as to me they are the most hypocritic.

Incompetents forget to erase court video

As usual they do not know what they are doing.  My stupid corrupt so called public defender will  not give me the evidence for 5 years and I have been taken to trial now 3 times with no exculpatory evidence, double jeopardy, illegal prosecutor, and no phone calls purposefully for 3-5 days multiple times while purposefully refused health care now for 5 years.  Then they are now trying to send me to the State Mental Hospital as I do not know what is going on.  I am at 5:25