U.S. 9th Circuit sees "Epidemic" of D.A. misconduct

In this article you will see the Federal 9th Circuit Court show the total "LAWLESSNESS" of the California State Bar, District Attorney's, City Attorney's, Judges, Judicial Performance Commission, Legialature, Governor, and Supreme Court of just the State of California.

With Section 271 of the L.A. City Charter on the illegality of the LADA prosecuting misdemeanors committed in the City of L.A. and as a result of no one following the 2001 LAPD Ramparts DOJ Agreement on "Internal Affairs" the DOJ wrote the International Agreement, Cooperative Agreement Number 2003-HS-WX-K040, nationally, on "Internal Affiairs."  Go to the DOJ for responsibility as no one has enforced it with the resultant 35,000 deaths by police of those in custody and unarmed on the street.  1,900/year is the new DOJ Bureau of Statistics results just published.

We are dedicated to stopping this.

Kamala Harris and the 9th Circuit Court (1) (odt)