Criminal LAUSD General Counsel's Office illegally shuts down

Right at the beginning you can see a LAUSD General Counsel's Office lawyer illegally shut down, while breaking Federal Title 1 law, a Title 1 PEPAC Meeting.  Watch what they do and more.  This is typical.

And they say LAUSD has not "Intent" or "Mens Rea" to harm me for the work I and others do and did to stop the "Criminal School Board" and Synophants from ruining our society and youth.  This is unacceptable.

5-5-15 LAPD Police Commission, P.C. 132, Hobbs Act, RICO

Go to minute 23:10 and watch my lips move and listen to an L.A. City Council Function.  This is a P.C. 132 a Felony with no "Statute of Limitations."  When loaded to the web it becomes "Interstate Commerce" and now able to be prosecuted under the Federal Hobbs Act, Government Corruption, and RICO, Organized Crime.

5-5-15 LAPD Police Commission Meeting, real audio, P.C. 132

In the other video of the same meeting on the same day, which is impossible in reality, we now have the video with the real audio of what I said on 5-5-16 at the Police Commission Meeting.  At minute 22:17 listen to "Mr. Koretz, now, Mr. Cedillo" we have the audio ID'd as an L.A. City Council Function.  They are real felons.  Let us all stop this and promote good, honest, law abiding police.

George Buzzetti at LAUSD Board, 12-13-13

Just listen to what I say and how they react.  This Board of Education has had me illegally prosecuted with perjured testimony by Tamar Galatzan, former LAUSD Board Member and then and now Asst. L.A. City Attorney with the assistance of the LADA Jackey Lacey, directly in my case as you will see in document, and many more.  They have for 4 years taken my health care at 70 which is both a Federal Crime, HIPPA, Color of Authority, and RICO, plus Hobbs Act, Government Corruption.  Much more to come.

Me on the death of Celes King IV, Iris Stevenson, tea, jail

This video is self explanatory. For 8 years Celes King IV and I were together as CORE-CA.  I was the Director of Policy the only white person to ever have any position in this organization for 117 years.  Celes King IV and I joined as CORE-CA as we had each individually been through hell for what we do for 45 years.  This is how you prove who you are and why I was protected in the Twin Towers and not by the Sheriff's.  They knew I saved a man in there and who I am outside.

LAUSD 8-29-17 Special Board Meeting, They kick me out

I have been illegally prosecuted by LASUD by 4 years now.  The board member in the blue blouse perjured herself in court on the stand.  I have the transcripts and because of their political power they have broken every law in the book by prosecuting me with Double Jeopardy, an Illegal Prosecutor, no Exculpatory Evidence, no Speedy Trial Rules and/or laws followed, and finally after being illegally arrested two times purposefully refused my three completed phone calls within 3 hours.

LAUSDPD Sgt. Rios, also involved originally, kicks me out

As you can watch in the regular meeting they ended it suddenly for an unscheduled break to kick me out of the meeting with a restraining order that does not exist as another video the LAPD state.  They must show is and would not.  I offer to show them the actual order for only Tamar Galatzan who was not there.  They refused and to prevent death by insane police I left and videoed it all the way with my filthy language they deserve and all.  They have actually tried to kill me.

As requested a call to LAPD and LAUSD broke the law

This is my call to the LAPD to make sure there is no other restraining order I do not know about as this is one of their favorite games in 4 years on a misdemeanor taken to court and trial illegally without the P.C. 851.5, AB 1328, Ab 1909, and now also SB 355.  They all demand the exculpatory evidence.  AB 1909 makes it a Felony with 16 months to 3 years in jail and they will not enforce the law to promote massive fruad for 100's of billions I have documented and am going to show.

ACLU lying to the public on Bail Bonds, they kick me out

5-30-17 at the 25th Street AME Church.  Here the ACLU lied to the public and when I and two other people from bail bond shops told them there are costs to bail bonds and it is not all for free they kicked me out once again videoing their insanity and corruption while caught lying.  They said there is no cost to writing bail bonds.  CORE-CA was formed because of King Bail Bonds.  Celes King IV wrote many of the bail bonds to get people out of jail at the Pettis Bridge long ago.  He was there.

New L.A. Sheriff's Commission, 5-26-17

See how corrupt the commission has become.  Jokers is what they are.  I know.  In 2012 CORE-CA was invited, Celes King IV and George Buzetti, to join the former L.A. Sheriff's Citizen Advisory Board (CAB).  To promote the citizens seeing that they could really influence those at the top of the Sheriff's Dept. I videoed the meetings.  They Sheriff's started bringing their equipment.  All can be seen now and are to be loaded up for comparison as it should be.  Watch and learn.

Proof of my encephalopathic, psychotic, incompetence, infirm

All these terms decribe me in court documents you are going to see.  When I went to show my first community service done they had 8 sheriff's on me in the hall and in court.  Yet for a man up for three strikes, 25 years to life, there was only the regular sheriff who knows me.  I have been strapped down illegally by 8 violent police at Cedars-Sinai while talking on the phone sitting in a chair with my laptop on my lap, injected with a drug against my will that did not put me to sleep.

Call to Watch Commander of Wilshire Division on LAUSD

9-8-17 call to the Wilshire Division Watch Commander and he does not care.  They will not take evidence, even though video, and I tell them of Chief Beck and his Felonies and they could care less along with a Detective.  This is the LAPD.  They will go after sex abusers of adults but killing people and law breaking using Color of Authority "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"

4-16-13 Lenny Isenburg and George Buzzetti on Teacher Jail

I am the only person to ever have LAUSD audited by the California State Auditor to this date.  That audit is Oct. 1997, 96121.  It is about teachers being falsely charged with Child Abuse for Whistle Blowing and principals stealing student impress funds.  For some reason teachers complain and no matter what I do they will not use the audit.  150,000 students do not come to school every day or 25% of all students.  This cost the district $2.4 billion in lost revenue and 15-20,000 lost jobs.

iPad illegal give away to cost over $1,000,000,000

Just watch the videos and the subjects and see the "Intent" or "Mens Rea" of LAUSD to totally eliminate me by any means possible which is just what they have tried to do.  Always study the person you take on.  It is easy to see that I am not the one you want to try this with as you are seeing on this site and it is just starting with what is in reserve.  Watch them lie.  I am putting up the documents.  There is no DENIABILITY.

Patrena Shankling unjustly fired by Deasy and LAUSD Board

Watch how the "Criminal School Board" deals with excellent employees in their sociopathy and psychopathy as they have shown to children, parents, teachers and civil rights leaders. They do not care who you are if you get in the way of massive stealing through contracts and especially construction bonds by breaking the 2004 California Attorney General's Opinion on "The Allowable Expenditures of School Construction Bond Funds."  Just read page 2, item A, in italics for their criminal actions.

How to Steal Special Education Money using RTI

Learn how you steal Special Education children's money and inter-fund transfer it to regular children and never help those it was intended for using this stupid corrupt Federal law to eliminate their programs they seriously need.  This is done by both parties.  This is ethically wrong.  This extra money is supposed to be only used for those who have the needs according to the seriousness of those particuar needs.  Again they lie to you and say we love you while ruining you and your family.


This was the video I did on  RTI as soon as I analyzed it long ago.  I was asked to do this analysis by two national Special Education Organizations.  I could not believe what I found.  You can actually legally steal, inter-fund transfer, up to 60% of the Special Education money by using the tier setup to deny and still receive the funds and what is left is transferred over to regular students for extra at the expense of those in MOST NEED.

Walter Waddles Richardson on Title 1, he is the expert

For 50 years this man was the international expert on poverty children in schools, Title 1.  He and Yolande Beckles sued LAUSD for $2.8 billion in both Federal and State courts for robbing those needy poverty children.  To finish him off his son was assassinated and he had two young children and a wonderful wife and he was in no way involved.  This was done to stop Walter and he had three heart attacks and everyone ran after they promised me at the funeral to help.  This is power and corruption.

10-1-13 LAUSD hacks my computer at the Board, Felony

Just watch them hack my computer.  Sitting right in front of my computer is the present superintendent, Michelle King, and the former King of Illegal iPads, Jaime Aquino.  Naturally the entire board and general counsel watched and helped as they kicked me out and helped the perpetrator of the crimes at their orders.

I confront the board on hacking my computer

Here I confront the LAUSD Board on them throwing me out of the meeting just like lately illegally and ordering an employee to commit State and Federal Anti Hacking crimes.  Marguerite LaMotte along with Julie Korenstein were the only board members I have known in over 25 years who when children were in trouble no matter what would stand up alone and state what they thought.  This is rare today in this nation scared of someone ruining them as they have tried to do to me and others.